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Ball Valves

Ball Valves is part of the quarter turn valve family. The distinct feature of a ball valve is its ball-shaped disc that acts to stop or start media flow. The ball disc is one of the quickest valves because it only needs a quarter turn to open or close.


  • Great shut on/off capability.
  • Minimal leakage through wear & tear if properly used.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Minimal pressure drop.
  • Time & labor effective to operate.


Ball valves are suitable for fluid, gaseous and vapour applications that need bubble-tight shutting down. While primarily for low pressure uses, high pressure and high temperature applications apply to ball valves with metal seats.

Use of Ball Valves in Refineries: As shut-off and isolation valves for tower bottom lines and thermal-cracking units; Gas/Oil separation lines, Gas distribution measuring, metering and pressure regulation stations, Oil loading control stations, Pumping and compressor stations, Emergency shut-down loops, Refining units, etc.

Use of Ball Valves in Chemical and Petrochemical Complexes: For low differential pressure control, for emission control, for handling highly viscous fluids, abrasive slurries in process and storing facilities.

Power Industry Applications of Ball Valves: For boiler feed water control, as burner trip valves, for control and shut-off for steam, etc.

Ball Valves in Gas and Oil Production: In subsea isolation and shut-down facilities, for oil-head isolation, pipeline surge control, processing separation, storage, transmission and distribution, secondary and enhances oil recovery.

Use of Ball Valves in Pulp and Paper Industry: as shut-off valves, in pulp mill digesters, batch-digester blow service, liquor fill and circulation, lime mud flow control, dilution water control, etc.