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Gate Valves

Gate Valves is another member of shut off/on valve family. What makes this unique is its disc movement is linear. The disc is either gate or wedge-shaped, which has an effective shut-off and on mechanism. Gate valve is primarily suited for isolation. While it is possible to use it as a throttling valve, this is not advisable as the disc may get damaged by media vibration. The surge of the media can damage the disc when gate valves are used half-closed in a throttling application. Advantages
  • No media flow resistance since the gate does not obstruct the flow when fully opened.
  • can be used in bi-directional flows.
  • Simple design.
  • Suitable for pipes with large diameters.

Gate valves are great shut off/on valves for any application. They are suitable for wastewater applications and neutral liquids. Gases that range between -200C and 700C with a maximum 16 bar pressure can use gate valves. Knife gate valves are used for slurries and powder media.