EDT – Automatic Recirculation Control Valves

Simple structure, low cost, long life, suitable for Low pressure Working conditions. Cast valve body, Big flow of bypass, maximum flow is 60% of the main flow, KV value an be adjusted, Bypass maximum operating pressure differential up to 4 MPa.



1” to 16”
CL 150 – 400
Cast valve body
Carbon steel or stainless steel

According to the difference of inductive main flow, the main valve disc check cone of the Automatic recirculation valve will automatically move to a certain position. At the same time the main valve disc drive bypass valve stem, transfer the movement of main valve disc to bypass, through control bypass valve disc position, change bypass throttling area, so as to control bypass flow.

When the main valve disc back into the valve seat closed, all flow backflow through the bypass. When the valve discs to rise to the top position, the bypass is fully closed, all the flow of pump flow to the processing system. This valve set four functions in one body.


EDL Model


EDM Model