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High Performance Steam Safety Valve – EPV9

High Performance Steam Safety Valve – EPV 9

The high performance Steam Safety Valve EPV 9 is designed  according to ASME Sec.I in requirements. A large scale of orifice sizes ensures optimum selection.




NPS 1½” to 12″

3 bar g to 330 bar g

1.0619 GS



44 psig to 4.786 psig




Benefits and features

Fixed overpressure and blow-down according ASME Sec. I with no rings hence no requirement for adjustment.

It guarantees a stable position of the disc by mechanical lift stop at full lift. The optimized disc spindle connection o‚ers high seat tightness. The forged inlet nozzle is available with welding connection or flanged connection. Special disk spring design for high pressures and large orifice diameters is proven.

The EPV 9 is full nozzle design and the inlet pressure contained by a forged solid part. The cast outlet body is charged by the reliefed pressure only. The valve function is stable up to 25% built up to backpressure.

This product is used for the following applications: power plants and industrial steam generation; steam applications in the petrochemical industry; steam boilers; super heaters and process steam systems.Download Datasheet

ASME safety valve EPV 910x.83b
with disc spring for high pressure steam application

Elite operates 2 steam test benches
for hot setting of steam safety valves