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Low Cost Safety Valve – EPV – 2×21 / EPV 2×23/24/25

Low Cost Safety Valve – EPV – 2×21 / EPV 2×23/24/25 

EPV 2×21 is a low cost regular Safety Valve especially built for low pressure. Built for high pressure the EPV 2×23/24/25 is full nozzle design with a solid inlet nozzle.




EPV 2×21

DN 20 to 150

0.45 bar g up to 16 bar g

0.6025 / GG 25

EPV 2×23/24/25

DN 15 to 50

0.45 bar g to 400 bar g



Benefits and features

There functional behavior smooth and stable.
Easy maintenance because of special design features, e.g. one part spindle. Dismantling of the valve for lapping of seat and disc without change of  set-pressure is possible.

This product is used for the following applications: vapours, gases or liquids; protection of systems downstream of control valves, water supply up to PN 16  and EPV 2×23/24/25 up to PN 400. Internally luberpox coated the EPV 2×21 is suitable for drinking water service.Download Datasheet

EPV 2321, our cast iron safety valve
for basic applications

Spare parts for all safety valves upon request
and supported for many years.