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Low Pressure Safety Valve – EPV 6×01

Low Pressure Safety Valve – EPV 6×01

This low pressure safety valve is often used in steam applications  and protection of heat generation units. It has a cast iron body with stainless steel inner parts (except for spring and spring washer).




DN 20 to 150

up to 16 bar g

0.6025 / GG 25

Benefits and features

The semi nozzle body design makes the valve cost-effective. It is suitable for vapours, gases and liquids.

With limited options and variations the EPV 6×01 is standardized for ease of use also for non-industrial sectors.Download Datasheet

EPV 6301, standard version of our
cost-efficient low pressure valve

The special design
with diaphragm seal 

Spare parts for all safety valves
upon request and always on call