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Automatic Recirculation Control Valves

ED Series – Automatic Recirculation Control Valves

ED Series Automatic Recirculation Valves (ARC valves) are suitable for bypass with high-pressure differential, a maximum pressure differential is 30MPa, and the specific choice is determined by the factory. Multistage decompression type M type bypass can eliminate noise made by high-speed flow medium, prevent damage of cavitation erosion and braising to valve components.

Automatic Recirculation Valve Working Principle

According to the difference of inductive main flow, the main valve disc check cone of the Automatic recirculation valve will automatically move to a certain position. At the same time, the main valve disc drives the bypass valve stem, transfers the movement of the main valve disc to bypass, through control bypass valve disc position, changes the bypass throttling area, so as to control bypass flow. When the main valve disc back into the valve seat closed, all flow backflow through the bypass. When the valve discs rise to the top position, the bypass is fully closed, all the flow of pump flow to the processing system.

This valve set four functions in one body:

  • Flow perception: Automatic recirculation valve main valve disc can automatically perceive the main flow of the processing system, thereby according to the flow to determine the position of the main valve disc and bypass disc.
  • Recirculation control: Automatic recirculation valve can inhaled pump normal operation required minimum flow into storage device through the bypass, so as to adjust pump H – Q characteristics, to realize recycling.
  • Bypass multistage pressure reducing: bypass control system can reduce the backflow medium from the high-pressure pump outlet to appropriate backflow to the low-pressure storage device with low noise small wear.
  • Check: The automatic recirculation valve also has a check valve effect, preventing the liquid backflow to the pump body. Bypass non-return function is standard.
  • A special bypass size can be customized. The max flow rate of the bypass is subject to the max Kv value.

Simple structure, low cost, long life, suitable for Low pressure Working conditions.

Multi-orifice cage bypass, low noise, suitable for middle and low-pressure conditions.

Multistage decompression to preventing cavitation, reducing velocity, suitable for high-pressure conditions.