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High Flow Safety Valves

The required capacity is usually the most important criteria for selecting the size in this category. With reference to the inlet size, high flow valves can discharge the highest capacity and in particular on gas/vapour service open rapidly for instant pressure relief.

The size of the outlet is always larger than that of the inlet, in order to provide the fluid room for supercritical relief in the discharge. The variety of pressure ratings, temperature classes and sizes provides a flexible choice for all industrial requirements.


This low pressure safety valve is often used in steam applications  and protection of heat generation units. It has a cast iron body with stainless steel inner parts


The state-of-the-art High Capacity Process Safety Valve for  medium pressure has a cost-effective semi nozzle body design with seat bushing.


The proven quality high-pressure safety valve has a reliable design with solid inlet nozzle, screwed in and welded. It offers various sizes and options


The High Pressure Steam Safety valve with materials suitable for high temperature application.
Ideal for combination with the pneumatic actuator