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PTFE Lined Pipe (SPOOL)

PTFE Lined Pipe (SPOOL)

Products Description

PTFE lined pipes with shortest lengths are around 100mm depending upon nominal bore and the longest lengths is 6 meters for up to DN150 and 3 meters above this. Generally constructed from carbon steel pipe, and stainless steel is also popular for dangerous access area where there is the potential for external corrosion.

Technical Specification:

Design and Manufacture Standard: ASTMF 1545, HG/T 21562 Flange Standard: ASME B 16.5 ,HG/T 20592,DIN,JIS Inspection & Testing :ASTM F 1545

  • Elite manufactures lined pipe and fittings by use compression molding, isostatic molding, injection molding, transfer molding, hot rotomolding, ram/paste extrusion, 3D rotational molding etc. Characters as below:
  • Working temperature is high at the range of -29oC-200oC; except the molten alkali metals, element fluorine and aromatic hydrocarbon, lined products can be used in any chemical medium.
  • Vacuum resistance. In the range of -29oC-150oC, it is applicable for vacuum condition. In chemical production, the vacuum condition occurs due to cooling, longitudinal emissions, or medium backflow.
  • High-pressure resistance. Within temperature working condition, it can sustain the working pressure of 3.0MPa.
  • Resistance to penetration.  Adapt the high-quality PTFE, to make it of high density and enough thickness after advanced lining processing, make it excellent anti-osmosis.

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Body MaterialLining MaterialNominal DiameterPressure RangeA105 , SS304 , SS316 , SS316LPTFE ,PFA ,PO1″~24″(DN25~DN600)Class 150 , PN10 ,PN16Type: Seamless
Material: Carbon Steel
Usage: Oil/Gas Drilling, Food/Beverage/Dairy Products, Chemical Industry
Size: Dn25~600
Specification: CE, SGS, TS
Technique: Extruded
Surface Treatment: Copper Coated
Section Shape: Round
Liner: CS+PTFE
Transport Package: Plywood
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